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Robert Stearns
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Confirming Authorship.

Post by Robert Stearns » Wed Sep 28, 2005 5:13 pm

I show the following hymns written by A.B. Simpson
am I correct?
I Want to be Holy
Search me, O God
To the Regions Beyond
Launch Out

Thank you. Robert Stearns (
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Confirming Authorship.

Post by steveliu » Fri Sep 30, 2005 4:13 am

Hi Robert,

As luck would have it, 3 of those 5 are in the hymnal I worked on :) Here's what I found:

I Want to Be Holy - Yes
Search Me, O God - No (I have James Edwin Orr as the author)
Himself - Yes
To the Regions Beyond - Yes
Launch Out - Yes

Hope it helps!

Take care,
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