I've anchored to the cross Kim Hopper

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Elise Henley
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I've anchored to the cross Kim Hopper

Post by Elise Henley » Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:50 pm

I'm anchored to the cross
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I've anchored to the cross Kim Hopper

Post by songinmyheart » Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:33 pm

If this is not it, let us know
but I am taking a guess this is the song you are looking for
from our 2012 archives:

Aimlessly floating, spiritually withdrawn,
Life's winds and waves and rising tides have left you forlorn;
You say your ship can't stand another storm and the final wave seems near,
Just anchor deep to the solid rock, let the captain handle your fears.

Anchor to the power of the cross,
Anchor to the power of the cross;
Keep your eyes on the master when drifting and storm-tossed,
Anchor to the power of the cross.

We're troubled on every side but not crushed and broken,
Perplexed but not desperate so all is not hopeless;
I know God has not forsaken, though cast down we're not destroyed,
The captain stood the test of time and He is still Lord.

To the solid rock of ages I'll hold my ground,
When changing winds blow again and toss me around;
I've set my sail and attached my soul to a source that will never fail,
So stand firm and weather the storm, the cross will prevail.


The CD is available at Amazon.
You can also get an accompaniment track from Amazon.
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