Singing & Shouting (Jesus Is Mine)

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Singing & Shouting (Jesus Is Mine)

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:22 pm

Hi, Just wanted to share this song with ya'll.

Singing & Shouting (Jesus Is Mine)

Verse 1
I am so happy while I travel on the bright road to glory land,
And I am living S0 my life for Jesus will shine;
I am rejoicing and I'm singing, traveling with an angel band,
There is no sorrow in my heart for Jesus is mine.

Shouting and praising, voices up raising glory divine.
Praising, raising, Joy that's so divine,
Going to glory, telling the story, Jesus is mine;
Glory, story, He is ever mine;
Heading for Heaven, sins all forgiven, I can't repine,
Heaven, given, I cannot repine,
There is such gladness, and there's no sadness, glory light shines;
Gladness, sadness, there forever shines
Singing and shouting, never more doubting, love so divine,
Shouting, doubting, love is so divine,
Marching with winners, calling the sinners, Jesus is mine.
Winners, sinners, Jesus now is mine.
I have been given, treasures in heaven, I'll not repine,
Given, Heaven, I shall not repine,
Homeward I'm going, happy in knowing, Jesus is mine.
Going, knowing, He is ever mine.

Verse 2
There is no sadness in my life while walking with Christ the wondrous King,
And there is nothing in this world for which I would pine;
I have found joy that's so surpassing, that I just want to shout and sing,
Letting the world know I am glad that Jesus is mine.

Verse 3
Someday my labors will be over and I will reach that happy strand,
Where with friends and loved ones I on manna will dine.
I will forget my earthly trials, as I join in that heavenly band,
Singing and shouting on that shore where Jesus is mine.

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Jesus Is Mine
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Singing & Shouting (Jesus Is Mine)

Post by songinmyheart » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:05 pm

Note of interest:
This song has been requested before and is in our archives. I chuckled when I saw it again.
In July of 2012 I was looking for the lyrics to this very song and logged on for the first time
Little did I know then that over these last few years I would be abundantly blessed
to be able to find the lyrics for other hymns & songs requested by members and Guests.
Thanks for the enrichment

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2012 -

Singing & Shouting (Jesus Is Mine)

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:29 pm


Thank you for giving us the note of interest and the links, too. ( Smiles )

God Bless Your Family And You.
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