In the image of God we were made long ago.....

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Re: In the image of God we were made long ago.....

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Wow! I'm responding to a post from March 31, 2016! How lame am I? (today is 4/11/2021)

So here's the back story. My dad, recently passed to glory, was a minister (Pastor) with a musical ministry in the Church of the Nazarene, his name was Bill Crane (or Billy Crane). He ministered as an evangelist and musician all over the eastern half of the US. He sang this song. It was not in his normal repertoire because he ministered (mainly) in Appalachia and this seemed (to him) too "high-brow" to do too often.

However, he sang it enough and often enough that I remember the tune and the words perfectly. When introducing the song he would often introduce the song with comments to the effect that this song described the state of mankind and the plan of Salvation.

And now, his son, at 60 years of age, I could not remember past the first verse. But once you "broke the dam" for me, it all came flooding back. I can actually hear him in my mind. Thank you all, so much! Bless you!

If I can add anything to the blessing you have given to me it would be this correction: The "Christ/Cry" disconnect is neither correct. The word is "COST".

As in: Christ paid the ("COST") for Salvation, our sin, our redemption. Artistic license left that open. But it all boils down to the same thing: that which we could not provide or do Christ did or provided in out place!


Bless you for this resource!

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