Song 'I Saw You'

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Karen D
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Song 'I Saw You'

Post by Karen D » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:00 am

I'm looking for a Christian song called, 'I Saw You'.
I purchased the Backing Audio Cassette Tape in the last 1980's from a place called Genesis in Sydney Australia.
The name of the tape producers are 'JERRYCO TRAX / A Division of Clarion Productions, Box 2883 / Littlton, CO 80161.
I would really appreciate any information anyone has on this song.

Some of the Lyrics are:
'I saw You, Lord, one morning,
As the sun came into view.
I saw You in the mountains,
In the roses dipped in dew.
And I felt Your holy prescence
Like I never felt before.
A peace and real contentment
Settled over me.
I saw You in the sunset
in the embers final glow
I saw you everywhere, Lord,
You were there and now I know
Chorus. I love You Lord and I thank You
For everything You do
But most of all I love You
Just for being You............


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