Nothing to see greater vision

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Re: Nothing to see greater vision

Post by songinmyheart » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:30 pm

Hi Lisadurbin1994,

I didn’t get all the lyrics of the last verse so please fill in
And as always, corrections are greatly appreciated

Lets go take a grand tour and see the sights on this earth
Lofty wonders of grandeur, rare places of worth
We’ll marvel at what hand designs, mansions fit for a king
Filled with treasures that last through time and impress all who see

Then we’ll journey to Jerusalem; what ancient beauty awaits
As we gaze on those towering walls, stroll by the Eastern Gate
But there’s an attraction on the edge of town that still draws young and old
Just a small quiet empty tomb but it’s ?

Because there’s nothing to see there; just an echo and walls bare
Not a relic of a millionaire yet it’s a treasure indeed
Not a bright golden regal room with a king’s robe of azure blue
Still it’s my favorite site to view because there’s nothing to see

I’ve been redeemed and forgiven because of that empty place
I am clothed in His righteousness; transformed by His grace
Oh you’re lookin’ at a different man than who I used to be
You’ll find those old sins they’re missing when you look inside of me

Because there’s nothing to see there; just a heart filled with peace where
? when I first believed
Not a trace of the old was ?
Washed away by the blood He shed
So just like His grave was left, there is nothing to see
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