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Mark Trammell trio

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:33 pm
by Joshua03
I am looking for the lyrics to Safe On The Glory Side by Mark Trammell Trio. Thanks! :D

Re: Mark Trammell trio

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 2:44 pm
by songinmyheart
Hi Joshua

Here ya go …

If one day you hear the good news
I’ve left this wicked world and all it’s trials
They’ll have a funeral for me
But you don’t need to mourn me
“Cause you’ll know that I’m safe on the Glory side

I don’t fear what life may bring tomorrow
I’m safe, set free and justified
When I cross that Jordan River
Don’t hang your head in sorrow
You will know I’m safe on the Glory side

All because we have a Savior
Who took death’s sting away the day He died
I know I’ll be perfected, like Jesus resurrected
Home at last safe on the Glory side


If you walk beside my coffin
By then I will be walkin’ the Streets of Gold
Safe on the Glory side