You gotta keep praying- the Sowell family

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You gotta keep praying- the Sowell family

Post by MeekHandforChrist » Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:54 am

I wonder if I can have word by word lyric please. I think I am not sure if word is missing or something

You gotta (got to) keep praying
You gotta keep hoping
You can’t give up on Jesus
When He’s in the middle of working it out
You gotta keep doing
You gotta keep loving
He ain’t gonna leave you stranded
Child, He’s coming for you!
Living day to day can get hard to do
When you’re doing it all with the focus on you
Struggling just to keep on smiling
But, let me tell you, friend you can’t stay down long
When you’re thinking about God and all He’s done
For you and me and everybody!
Wherever you are, wherever you’re going
Jesus is there, caring, watching
Knowing that you’ll fall along the way
But the falling down’ll make you get up stronger
Don’t give up the fight you gotta try a little longer
Give Him your all and praise Him as you go…
Chorus w/TAG 2X
He ain’t gonna leave you stranded,
Child, He’s coming for you

It that correct ?

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