A great concern of skateboarders and other people regarding street regulation for skateboarding.

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A great concern of skateboarders and other people regarding street regulation for skateboarding.

Post by linedadelas » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:16 am

What regulations that skaters need to pay attention when riding on the streets? Are they allowed to skate on the lane for bikes? Or what if no bikes are moving on these lanes? And are they required to allow the traffic lights and signs? Can they get the priorities when being on the road as walkers?

Skateboarding is more and more prevalent among people, especially kids and teenagers. This sport is not only a recreational activity but also became an official sport in the Olympics 2020. We know that many of you reading this article also has some interest in this incredible sport, so do not hesitate to explore this sport by checking out a lot of useful information related to skateboarding in https://skateadvisors.com. However, due to its popularity, those above questions are the most concerning ones for skateboarding players and also for other folks.

They always wonder which lanes are fixed for skateboarders. Another problem is that it is difficult to figure out certain regulations traffic designed for the skateboard. It is due to the fact that according to the traffic regulation in Washington which defined skateboarders as pedestrians. The lawmakers then widen the interpretation of pedestrians to be understood as means of transportation pushed by users’ control except for bikes. Hence, under the regulation, every skateboarder or roller skater is considered as a pedestrian. So let’s explore the answer to the questions above to know the requirements for skateboarders on the road.

Are they allowed to use lanes for bikes?

As being aforementioned, the skateboarders are categorized into pedestrians group, therefore they must not ride on these lanes. They have a right to skate on walkways instead of carriageway except for the case of no walkways. In this case, the skateboarding players are required to skate in the left traffic lane, be serious traffic users, and avoid the vehicles ahead of you. You will grasp this in an exact point of time.


Are they required to follow the traffic signs?

Probably we supposed that this concern was not excluded as the people caring about this question have seen several skateboarders turning a blind eye to the traffic signs and this regulation appeared to not take into effect. But actually, many skateboarders do obey this regulation.

Are the skateboarders prioritized when moving on the roads, like the pedestrians are?

On the basis of the above information, you presumably had your own answer to this question; yes, they are obviously prioritized as skateboarders.

According to state regulation, you could make a conclusion that skateboarders have their rights to skate on any parts of the roads that are applied to pedestrians. However, the local government can add some more rules to regulate it more specifically. This is also the second concern that makes it hard to learn about the regulations for skateboarders.

In some areas, the local government added more subsidiary regulations for skateboarders. For instance, in Bellingham, skateboarding is not allowed in the central business area and the Bellingham local library. Mount Vernon bans the skateboarding activity in its town. Several colleges in the state, for example, Western Washington University lays down detailed rules for skateboarding activity such as the restriction of skating speed. If you intend to play skateboarding in your living area, we’d like to suggest that you should actively learn about your city’s additional rules or even getting the information from the local police.

Thanks to the enactment of theses regulations, the state lawmakers realize a significant reality: Although skateboarders are categorized in pedestrians group, these two means of transportation are dissimilar, and putting them in a group provokes sone considerable matters. The surface of the roads normally has the spreading gravel which is not an ideal surface for skateboarding. Another considered problem is the speed of the skaters. A skateboarder can ride at the speed of a cyclist, hence it might be suitable for them to ride in lanes for bicycles rather than walkways. We guess that in reality, many skateboarders could imagine several possible situations in which being recognized in pedestrians group would not lend for themselves.

Though from several skaters’ perspectives, they think that these regulations can impede them from enjoying their skating to some extent, the final target is to ensure the safety of themselves and the people around them. If you play skateboarding, bear in mind that walkways and roadways are designed for traveling, not for leisure activity. It is similar to the example that sport car players can only fulfill their satisfaction on the car tracks, then it is better for you to bring your board to the public parks or skateparks to enjoy it.

For the record, the size of boards that you use also somehow affect the level of your fulfillment when skating, for example, for kids, it would be this size but for older people, it would be another size. So if this matter confuses you, just go to what size skateboard do i need to know about it better and totally enjoy each moment of skateboarding.

Besides, since skateboarder are riding on the road like walkers, drivers should pay attention to these higher-speed-moving walkers.

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Re: Hallelujah

Post by songinmyheart » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:43 pm

Hi linedadelas

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