Mystery hymn! No title, author unknown - O the wonder, never ending wonder of God’s love

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Mystery hymn! No title, author unknown - O the wonder, never ending wonder of God’s love

Post by rosebud » Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:03 am

Hello! I am new here. As an experienced singer, I am always interested in new material, pieces I haven’t done before and might never have heard before. Very recently a piece came to my attention that will be presented by a choir I am fairly active in (I participate in more than one) on Palm Sunday. It is a gorgeous song, a “weeper” as I term dramatic pieces such as this...first time I heard it I wanted to cry. I intend to sing this as a special elsewhere, around Easter time. It was part of a collection left behind by a widowed lady who came from Florida to spend part of her time with us Yankees, but I believe now she will return to Florida to stay. The top of the first page is missing from the original copy, so that those of us who are curious are puzzled by what the exact title might be, and who the composer was. Our pianist also wonders if there was more to the ending than what we have available. If anyone could track this mystery hymn down, that would be great! Thank You In Advance...

I have copied the lyrics here:

“O the wonder, never ending wonder of God’s love!
Love divine, so rich, so full and free;
Love that made Christ stoop to earth from heaven’s throne above,
Love that He expressed at Calvary:

“There His holy head was crowned with thorns in mockery,
There He felt the searing nails that held Him to the tree;
There the loud crescendo of derision filled His ear,
There His precious side was opened by a Roman spear;

“There for us He shed His blood in agony and shame,
Gave His life in sacrifice and took the sinner’s blame—
Let all earth forevermore proclaim the praise of God above,
And the wonder, never ending wonder of His love!”

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