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The Land of Perfect Day

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 2:09 am
by luvlabguidedogs
I'm looking everywhere for this song and can't seem to find the lyrics. I'd appreciate any help. I know the first line is:
"We are on our journey to a blessed country"
If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it immensely.

Re: The Land of Perfect Day

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 1:17 am
by steveliu
Here it is, definitely not an easy one to find.

Verse 1
We are on a journey, to a blessed country, shining out across the way;
’Tis a land of gladness, where there is no sadness, blessed land of perfect day.

Lead me all the way, O lead me all the way
Across the stormy sea, the stormy sea of life
Shield me and protect me (Lord protect Thy child), from the angry winds and waves (from angry winds of strife);
Let me hold Thy hand (O let me hold Thy hand) along the rugged way (the lone and rugged way).
’Til I reach at last (yes, ‘til I reach at last), the land of perfect day (the land of perfect day).

Verse 2
Ev’ry day draws nearer, and the way seems clearer, to that land of perfect day;
And in spite of danger, in a land of strangers, Jesus leads us all the way.

Repeat Chorus

‘Til I reach at last, yes, ‘til I reach at last, the land of perfect day, the land of perfect day

It was written by Will M. Ramsey in 1935.

Here's a great rendition by the Hemphills: