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I was here a longgg time ago and folks helped identify a couple of pieces of music for me, now I have another one I want to find but it's a real puzzle for me!

I have become interested in the church organ music in Slovakia and follow a great organist who records in church and puts them on youtube, I never heard ANY of the music he played before, so after a lot of work searching web sites in Slovok to try to find and buy the book, I bought the same 500 page thick book he uses that is abbreviated in his videos "JKS"- which I learned was Slovak for "Unified Catholic Songbook," it arrived a while back and I've been enjoying it since.
I also found he uses another book, from 1937, he abbreviates "SZVU" which I had to find out the full name of and translate it- "Szent Vagy, Uram!" so I could find that book, turned out to be Hungarian and I had to find it at a Hungarian book store and ordered it the other day!

Since then I found another video channel while searching for the book! a Hungarian organist apparently was teaching his young son to play the organ and video's him, the boy looks to be about 11 in the 2018 videos and he sings, and plays for live mass which is pretty impressive!

He was playing one piece in particular that I want to find the music for, so I asked on the video and his father replied in English;
Hi! It is Gloria, the ususal part of the worship
I tried searching the other guy's videos and he had 3 different "Glorias" in his video lineup, but none of them were this one I'm looking for, but his father's reply offers a lead that it's part of the usual worship music, which suggests it should be fairly easy to find more details on it to find the music score or book it's in. I did an extracted clip from the longer video and put it here, I'd be most happy if anyone can at least give me something more to go on to find it than "its the usual part of the worship"!
I don't know how well he reads/understands English so maybe he had difficulty with my query.

Ive never heard it before so it must be like the JKS book- worship music mostly used in Europe, it would most likely be Christian/Catholic and the church is in a tiny town called Gyomore and dates back to 1772 in a baroque architecture!


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