Hymn of the Hampshire countryside

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Horace Mitchell

Hymn of the Hampshire countryside

Post by Horace Mitchell » Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:10 pm

I'm trying to find the author of this hymn, which we sing at Highclere Church, England, at harvest-tide, to the tune Epiphany. The opening lines are:
Praise we The Lord, the great Author of Nature,
Praise we the maker of upland and plain;
Praise we the Spirit through whom every creature
Gathers its life and renews it again.

In answer to a request for the lyric, and finding no online references, I've posted it at a website managed by the church. In my (amateur) view it's a very well crafted poem and very moving as a hymn. The text links gospel references to Jesus and nature with local Hampshire (England) references and settings.

Any help in identifying the author will be much appreciated.

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