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Mary Had a Little Lamb

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2020 9:54 pm
by Dac
Does anyone know the lyrics to the Christmas/Christian version of Mary had a little lamb? I don't know who sings it but I know this much of the lyrics -

"Mary had a little lamb
In a stable long ago
Laid him in a manger
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Angels told the shepherds of
The babe in Bethlehem
Hastily they made they're way
To see the newborn lamb

Mary's little lamb
Son of the great I am
There in that small town
The Lord of heaven above came down
This perfect little lamb
No spot or blemish on him was found
The greatest gift of God's love did abound
Mary's little lamb"

Any additional lyrics or chords would be greatly appreciated! I can't find it anywhere online... Thank you!