The Cross Now Is Empty - The Hoppers

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The Cross Now Is Empty - The Hoppers

Post by songinmyheart » Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:17 pm

Here are the lyrics requested by Austin:

At the tomb one bright morning to Mary’s surprise
Three days now had passed since her master had died
But grief turned to joy for the stone had been moved
The dawn watched the sunrise from the dark of the tomb
Leaving death in the shadows, He rose from the gloom

Why seek you the living among the dead
The angels have spoken “He’s living” they said
Salvation’s plan finished, completed. It’s through
For the cross now is empty and so is the tomb
For the cross now is empty and so is the tomb

Two thousand years now have faded away
While kings and their kingdoms still lay in their grave
But Jesus is living and He reigns supreme
No power could hold Him for He took death’s sting
He locked Hell and the grave and He holds the keys

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