That’s Why I Call It Home - request

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That’s Why I Call It Home - request

Post by songinmyheart » Sat May 01, 2021 1:34 am

This is an e-mailed request from a quest :

I am trying to find the lyrics to a song that the Inspirations sing.
I know first line is I've never been there.
Last line of course is My father lives there that's why I call it home.


Here are the lyrics and link to the Inspirations rendition:

I’ve never been there but it’s still home to me
I’ve never seen it but it’s where I’m gonna be
I’ve never walked down the streets of purest gold
But I’ve got a better reason I want to go

There my loved ones all are waiting hand in hand anticipating my arrival
as they’re kneeling ‘round the throne
Resting without a care; Where I’ll never be alone
My Father lives there. That’s why I call it home

The family’s gathered near my final dwelling place
There’s not a house there; instead a mansion awaits
But I won’t be staying in my new room too long
You’ll find me praising my Father at His throne

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