Song lyrics for Jerusalem

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Marilyn Wieczorek
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Song lyrics for Jerusalem

Post by Marilyn Wieczorek » Mon Jan 30, 2006 6:19 pm

Song Jerusalem : I am looking for the jewish song "Jerusalem". It is a song sung by the whole congregation so I guess it might be a choir type song. I keep getting feed back on the song Jersusalem sung in England written by Mr. Blake, but that is not it. Hope you have heard of it...Marilyn
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Song lyrics for Jerusalem

Post by gadget » Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:51 am

This may be what you're look for.

I am the sun, Jerusalem,
You are a painted sky
I am a bird, Jerusalem,
You have the wings to fly
You are the father of my dreams,
I am a gift of time
I am your child, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem is mine
You are an orchard in the sand,
I am the fruit you bear
You are the glove that warms my hand,
I am the smile you wear
You are the music of the hills,
I am the words that rhyme
I am your song, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem is mine

You are the cradle of freedom,
and I am the harvest of springtime
You are the dawn of a new day,
I am tomorrow, you are forever

You are my shelter from the storm,
I am your guiding light
You are a book whose leaves are torn,
I am the page you write
You are the branches of a tree,
I am a clinging vine I am your prayer, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem is mine
I have come home, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem is mine
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