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Re: I'm following jesus each step of the way

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:08 pm
by Jannamarie
My parents sang this song together often as a duet in church.

1. I'm following Jesus, 
One step at a time; 
I live for the moment, 
In His Love divine. 
Why think of tomorrow, 
Just live for today; 
I'm following Jesus, 
Each step of the way. 

2. The pathway is narrow, 
But He leads me on; 
I walk in His shadow, 
My fears are all gone. 
My spirit grows stronger, 
Each moment, each day, 
For Jesus is leading 
Each step of the way. 

For He is my Saviour,
My Lord and my King
Forever I’ll love Him,
His praises Ill sing,
Till low in the valley,
My life shall grow dim,
My Lord walks beside me,
I’m depending on Him.

3. I walk with my Saviour
Each hour of the day,
I walk in His Presence
For He leads the way,
He never has failed me,
And true I shall be,
I’m depending on Jesus,
He’s depending on me.

4. His Presence surrounds me
His love leads me on,
He’s always beside me,
I’m never alone,
Until in His Glory, His Face I shall see
And even if I fail Him, He’ll never failed me.