i'm changing houses by the primitive quartet.

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nancy ann campbell
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i'm changing houses by the primitive quartet.

Post by nancy ann campbell » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:26 pm

i'm trying to find the lyric for this song please help! thanks nancy.
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i'm changing houses by the primitive quartet.

Post by SingerForGod » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:45 am

Here is the lyrics to the song you are seeking. They were posted on here a few years back and I remembered seeing them. I will not put the name of the poster but you can check by the date if you choose. That person is the one to thank. SingerForGod.

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I'm Changing Houses

While here on this earth, we moved all around
from city to city up hills and down
o'er rough roads and highways, cross mountains so high
but soon i'll be leaving, for my home in the sky


i'm changing houses, i'm moving from here
i've got a new one, that's free from all care
one without heartache, we'll never grow old
bought by the savior, with blood pure as gold


my new home is grand, with splendor untold
and no mortgage is due, it's all been paid for
you see my contract was signed, and sealed long ago
and because of his love, we'll move nevermore

I'm ready to move, my bags are all packed
and i'll soon be leaving, and i won't look back
yes i've made preparations, when i called on his name
and he said "you are chosen, and you won't move again"

repeat chorus:

hope this helps, God Bless
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