I never shall forget the day

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I never shall forget the day

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:38 pm

could someone send me the lyrics and chords to I Never Shall Forget The Day at [email]jjbdickerson@hotmail.com.[/email] THanks
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I never shall forget the day

Post by Jessica36 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:29 am

1)Long years ago ( echo ) when out in sin ( echo )

I had no hope (echo ) no peace within (echo)

Down on my knees ( echo ) in agony ( echo )

I prayed to Jesus and He gladly set me free


I never shall ( I never shall) Forget the day ( Forget the day )

When all the burdens from my soul were rolled away ( were rolled away )

It made me ha...( It made me ha.... ) ...ppy glad and free ( ...ppy glad and free )

I'll sing and shout it for he's every ( He's everything to me ) thing to me.

2) Now I can feel ( echo ) Him by my side ( echo )

My feeble steps ( echo ) He's come to guide ( echo )

When trials come ( echo ) He comforts me ( echo )

Through faith in Him o're sin I have the victory

3) Oh sinner come ( echo ) to Jesus now ( echo )

At His dear feet ( echo ) just humbly bow ( echo )

Confess to Him ( echo ) your every sin ( echo )

He'll save and cleanse you give you peace and joy within

** Where I put ( echo ) just repeat the line before it. The key in our church hymnal is F and there is a D minor in every verse and chorus at the end of the third line.

Hope this helps!

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