Going Home or Coming Home Recitation

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Going Home or Coming Home Recitation

Post by avilb » Tue Aug 22, 2006 9:19 pm

Anyone have the words to the recitation that goes along with Going Home or Coming Home something about a boy coming home on a train and couldn't bear to look out the window as to whether his parents wanted him to come home

Going Home or Coming Home Recitation

Post by Guest » Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:39 am

the name of the song you want is caalled "the Apple tree song" but i do not know the words to it
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Going Home or Coming Home Recitation

Post by steveliu » Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:22 pm

There are many different variations of this, but they all tell the same story. The recitation is usually spoken while the music to Coming Home is playing in the background.

A minister had just closed a revival in a huge Midwestern city. He stepped on the train on his way home and found himself seated beside a young man. Just to kind of pass the time away, he tried to start up a conversation. He noticed that he didn't receive an answer. He turned to the young man and said, "Son, I'm a preacher. I'm a minister. I'll be glad to help you any way I can".

And the young man, through his tears, proceeded to tell his story. He said:

"Preacher, two years ago I got so mean at home that my mom and dad couldn't do anything with me. But one day I even went so far as to strike my father with my fist. He told me then, 'Son, I hate to do it. It's going to break your momma's heart. But we want you to just get away from here--just leave this house.'"

"Preacher, I wandered all over this country for the past two years. And then about three weeks ago I gave my heart and life to Jesus. I wrote Mom and Dad a letter and told them I'd be on this old train. I told them I was coming home."

The preacher said, "Son, that's well and good, but how do you know you're going to be welcome? How do you know that your Mom and Dad will even let you go home?"

The young man said, "Preacher, we've lived beside these old railroad tracks all of my life in a little white house. And out behind the house is a great big old apple tree. And I told my dad in my letter, if I was welcome home and he and my mom could see it in their hearts to forgive me of all the pain and heartache I caused, for Dad to go out there in the backyard and hang a little white rag on top of that tree. And I could see it from the train. And I'd know by that signal that everything was all right."

"Preacher, would you look for me and tell me what you see? I want to go home so bad and I'm so sorry for all the things I've done. Tell me if you see one little teeny white rag on top of that tree."

Well, the old preacher not knowing what to expect wiped the window of that old train off and looked out. And he had a great big smile and said, "Son, you can relax. That apple tree is in full bloom! I never saw so many white rags tied on anything in all of my life. And that's not all. Out under the apple tree I see that grey haired old Mom and Dad standing out there waving a big white bed sheet saying 'Come home son. Welcome home. We love you."

And you know, that's just like God. No matter how we've wasted our lives, no matter how far in sin we've sunk, all we have to do is say, "Jesus, I want to live for you. Forgive me of my sins." And you know, He'll welcome each and every one of us home.
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