go sound the horn

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go sound the horn

Post by Guest » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:10 pm

hey im lookin for the lyrics and chords to go sound the horn...thanks
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go sound the horn

Post by domorrow517 » Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:03 am

We just sang this song tonight at church. It's beautiful. I don't have the chords. Our panist plays by ear. If you find the music, I would LOVE it because I play organ and would like to play with musicians at church but I DO NOT play by ear.

If you can't find the chords, let me know and I'll get the panist to write them down. (I need more than chords though).

Vs 1
Can you imagine up in Heaven, God is sitting on His Throne?
Anticipating another sinner will soon be coming home.
Years of wasted living and years of toil and strife,
are just about to be over, as he recieves the gift of life.

Go sound the horn. Strike up the choir.
A sinner is saved, saved from the fire.
No more in darkness, he's recieved my Son
All Heaven's rejoicing, That's the value of one.

Vs 2
The Holy Spirit has been working to soften up their heart
All He needs is a willing vessel, to simply do his part
Can you imagine up in Heaven all the joy there'll be that day?
As a sinner bows his head to pray, can't you hear his Father say.


Start construction on his mansion there on Hallelujah Street.
He doesn't know yet what is waiting, tell the Savior He will meet.

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