three rusty nails by Rusty Goodman

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three rusty nails by Rusty Goodman

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i would like the words to three rusty nails by: Rusty Goodman
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three rusty nails by Rusty Goodman

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The Three Rusty Nails

This is a story of long ago of a man who owned a little store.
As he would tell it, "I was proud to have my name above the door."
This took place, oh, about two thousand years ago, as I recall,
I was located in Jerusalem, just across the street from Pilate's hall.

And I had everything anyone would ever need;
Why, folks would come from miles around, regardless of their creed.
But there was only one thing I had I thought would never sell,
So I placed it in a corner on a shelf ----three old rusty spike nails.

Then one day a Roman soldier came through the door,
And as he walked up to me, it seemed he shook the floor.
I said, "Can I help you, Sir?" in a voice I 'm sure seemed frail.
He looked at me with a sneering grin and said,
"I'd like to buy some nails - some big, big nails."

"Well, you see, Sir, three's all I have."
"Oh, That'll do. For the job I have, three's enough - - -Now how much do I owe you?"
He placed the money in my hand, and I was glad to make the sale.
Then I began to wonder, and I asked,
"Sir, what can you do with just three spike nails?"

"Did you ever hear of a man called Jesus the Nazarene?"
"You mean the one they call the Son of God?"
"Yes, that's the one. Today I intend to show the world who's boss,
For with these three nails I'm going to nail that man Jesus to a cross."

You'll never know how numb I felt - as on my knees I fell.
"Please sir, don't do that!" - but he just turned and walked away
I said, "Please, let me buy them back!"
But he just looked at me and grinned.

And in the distance, I could see the howling mob
Through the tears that filled my eyes.
"Away with him" "Crucify him!" I could hear their angry cries.
But over the top of all the noise and groans of agony,
I can still hear the sound of a hammer as that big Roman soldier---Nailed my Jesus to a tree."
With three rusty nails, they nailed Jesus to a tree;
And His blood washed my sins away.

Three Rusted Nails

Verse 1
Two thousand years ago you sent your son
You wanted us to understand
That who so ever would believe in him
Would be safe in his hands

With three rusty nails and an old dogwood tree
The sacrifice was made for you and me
We were afraid to say that he was the one
What have we done to your son

Verse 2
Oh how it hurts when someone laughs at you
Their words can cut you like a knife
Just think of all the shame we put him through
Guess he gave more than his life


Verse 3
Well we know not what we do
We know not what we say
We'll never know the price he paid to take our sins away


With three rusty nails and an old dogwood tree
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