Alone..........alone in the Garden, He prayed............

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Re: Alone..........alone in the Garden, He prayed............

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:D I have been looking for the other two verses of this song for years ! They used to sing this at the church my parents went to back in the mid 60's. Thank you sooo much.
Guest wrote: Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:25 pm 1 'Twas alone in the garden, (garden)
Jesus went to pray, (to pray),
Talking with the dear Father (Father)
meek and lowly that day (that day)
Let thy will be done Father (Father)
this they heard Him say, (Him say)
Alone out in the garden Jesus went to pray.

Alone (alone in the garden, He prayed alone)
And for our sins He did atone, (He did atone)
He prayed (Yes, unto the Father till set of sun)
He prayed O Father Thy will be done. (Thy will be done)

2 Tarry here and watch with me, (with me)
were the words He said, (He said)
Tho' I'm burdened with sorrow (sorrow)
so He bowed His dear head, (His head)
The with Peter and others, (others)
in his agony, (O Lord)
He prayed "Father O let this cup now pass from me."

3 Soon they crucified Jesus (Jesus)
On the rugged cross (The cross)
Claiming all He had done was (yes, was)
absolutely a loss (a loss)
But an angel from heaven, (came down)
from the lofty throne, (the throne)
Behold now He is risen, make Him now your choice.
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