father, I'm coming home Lyrics wanted

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father, I'm coming home Lyrics wanted

Post by rowerwet » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:58 pm

the chorus goes,
Father, I'm coming home, Father I'm coming home,
broken and weary in rags and all alone,
I know I'm not deserving, I ask to just be serving,
Oh, father, your child is coming home.

the second or third verse is:
oh the kisses we are sharing, he's so loving and so caring,
he's telling all the homefolk, my child, my child is home!,
.... (can't remember the rest)

the last chorus ends with
Oh, father, it's so good to be back home.
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father, I'm coming home Lyrics wanted

Post by tamlew344 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:29 pm

Sorry to say that I don't know who sings this. However, I found the lyrics in my aunts belongings after she passed away. I remember hearing this sung at camp up in Michigan when I was a child. The lyrics are as follows:

1. I've been living in this country, so destitute and hungry.
My soul would feed on corn husks, my strength is almost gone.
But my Father's house has many and everyone has plenty.
I think that I'll arise and go back home.

Father-I'm coming home. Father- I'm coming home.
Broken and weary, in rags and all alone.
I know I'm not deserving. I ask to just be serving.
Oh Father, your child is coming home.

2. It's been a long, long journey. My worn feet are weary.
I wonder if the home folk will understand and care...
I've got to make it home now..I got to make it some how.
That looks like my Father standing there.
3. I wonder why He's running. He's waving and He's shouting.
He's telling all the servants "My child, my child is home"
Oh the kisses that we're sharing. He's loving and He's caring
Oh Father, it's so good to be back home.
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Re: father, I'm coming home Lyrics wanted

Post by Sandra11705 » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:27 pm

This song was written by Bro. Robert Batton along with several others.
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