Remember Me"????!! PLEASE HELP!!

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Remember Me"????!! PLEASE HELP!!

Post by Missbrandy30 » Mon Oct 24, 2022 2:25 am

I seen this posted on here once I have searched ENDLESSLY and cannot find this song anywhere??! Does anyone know who sang this?? I heard it on the radio in the 90s I believe??! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!! NOT even sure what the name of it is maybe remember me? But nothing comes up when I search.

Remember Me

He was just a common criminal, just a lonely thief
hangin there by Jesus, on a cross at calvary,
what seemed his life was over, with one last desperate plea
he looked into the eyes of the man from galilee
and he said Lord, remember me,
I'm just a sinner just a lonely common thief
when you come into your kingdom
and you take your place as king
Oh Lord remember me, Lord remember me

later on that very day, they laid my Jesus in the grave
and we all know the story, and there he did not stay,
I would have like to have seen the look on the devils face that day
when Jesus crashed the gates of hell and he heard our savoir say

Hey, remember me, I bet you thought you'd never see my face again
I have conquered death, I have defeated all your sins
so take a good look, and remember me
cause I'll be back, remember me

Hey remember me, I'm the one who died for you on calvary
I'm the one that gave my life so that you could go free
how could you not remember me
how could you not remember me

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