Got the lyrics just need a title! Sharing bread song

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Got the lyrics just need a title! Sharing bread song

Post by ChangingOne » Fri Oct 14, 2022 3:47 pm

Hello all - I’m new here, and hoping you can help me at the end of a very long search.

I’ve been tracking down a hymn or song that was sang in Church of England schools in the 1990s. I can only find one mention of the lyrics online, with no title or writer credited.

Please can anyone help identify the title and writer? Thank you!

The lyrics are:

Now the harvest is all gathered,
Let us eat the Sharing Bread
In our family all together
As our custom is, we said.
So we passed the bread among us,
Thanking God that all are fed.

But there comes a gentle knocking
Just before we break the bread
From our neighbours in the doorway
Harvest failed for us, they said
So we share the bread among them
Thanking God that all were fed

Soon we hear a growing murmur
As we eat the sharing bread
From the neighbours of our neighbours
We are starving friends, they say
Then we stretch the bread out further
Thanking God that all are fed

When the world begins to clamour
We cry “take our sharing bread
Miracles we cannot offer”
Oh it happened once, they said
Thousands of us ate together
Thanking God that all are fed
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Re: Got the lyrics just need a title! Sharing bread song

Post by jbaze » Sat Nov 19, 2022 3:00 pm

The title of this song is: "The Sharing Bread." It was written by Arthur Scholey and Douglas Coombes.
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