I know all the lyrics, but I have no idea who it's by!

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I know all the lyrics, but I have no idea who it's by!

Post by miraclegirl42 » Sun Jun 27, 2021 2:21 am

It starts with "For you, oh Lord, are higher than the heavens". I have only ever heard this song sung by a nameless choir on Youtube a few years ago, but it was taken down, and I have searched and searched for it ever since with no luck! I loved the song so much I memorized it, and the lyrics are as follows:

For you, Oh Lord, are higher than the Heavens
Your Glory Lord is deeper than the sea
Your Wisdom taller than the tallest mountain, wider than the sky
In Majesty You rule eternally

Your Mighty Voice came thundering through the darkness
The light was born, the land, the sky, the sea
Creation sings your Truth and Honor
Shows your Might, your Strength, your Power
Yet you choose to show your boundless love to me

[Chorus] I stand in awe of who You Are
I stand in wonder at the Works your hands have done
I stand amazed at all the ways you show your Glory, Truth, and Praise
Oh Lord, My God, all my days I stand in awe

And when I think of how a Holy Father, Creator God, the Mighty King of Kings
Would send His Son to his creation
Pay the price to set us free
And pour out His Life to ransom one like me


I stand in awe when I think of all You've done for me
I stand in awe that You've pardoned all my sin
I stand in awe that you sent Your only Son for me
And that some day, You'll take me home with Him

And on that day, when standing in Your Presence
My journey done, eternity in store
I'll join the chorus of the angels as we sing Messiah's praise
And in Heaven I will sing forever more
To Christ My Lord


Oh Lord, My God, I sing Your praise
I stand in Awe
I stand in Awe

(I might have a few words off, because again, it is by memory!)

Have you ever heard this song before? Where did you hear it? Who was it by?

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