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Need help finding old song: early sunday morning as the sun began to rise

Posted: Sat Jul 10, 2021 3:40 am
by jorbear14
Trying to find this song. I only know part of the lyrics, my grandpa loved it.

"early sunday morning as the sun began to rise, on the grave that everybody thought had Jesus safe inside. Demons had a party how their hellish spirits soared, but soon there came a knock upon the door. Silence fell among them someone said, who could this be? The devil said don't answer that it sounds like its for me. 3 days ago in Joseph's tomb I buried him away, but he promised he would rise again today. Opening the door they saw the lightning in his eyes...........(don't remember this next part).....He said I am the great I am the everlasting King, conqueror of death and hell, the Lord of everything..."

Any help is appreciated!