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Looking for lyrics to a song called I Am the Reason

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:38 am
by Mimiof2
Hello, I’m hoping that someone may know the lyrics to an old gospel song I used to hear as a child. My dad was in a gospel group, The Branham Brothers Quartet, with 3 of his older brothers. We are from a tiny town in eastern Ky but they traveled to many states and many churches to sing and also put out a few recordings. Many of their siblings have passed and the two remaining from their group can’t remember how the words to a song I recall them singing, I Am the Reason. I know a lot of the lyrics, possibly in the wrong order but I will give it a shot and hopefully someone can help me fill in the rest.So here goes..
Long long ago and far far away the cross meant nothing to me
Then I read again, the story of sin and why he suffered for me
Now I can see just why it had to be, the cross was the place and I, I am the reason.
Chorus- For me He carried the Old Rugged Cross and for me He bled and died. The cross was the place but no no not for me.
At least that’s how I think it goes. I haven’t heard this song sang since I was 11, I’ll soon be 40. Any help in getting the complete lyrics to this beautiful song would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and God Bless