God is Still Mindful

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God is Still Mindful

Post by kataclysm60 » Fri Feb 04, 2022 9:28 pm

Hi! Just wondering if maybe anyone knows where to find a song with some of these lyrics, or at least somewhat similar to them. The handwriting I got this from is a little messy, so forgive me if a few words seem odd:
God is Still Mindful

Often so often we wonder why
Jesus should love us so
That upon cavalry's cross he should die

God is still mindful of us each hour
Watching us from above
Keeping us by his great saving power
Under his arms of love
Guarded by angels we'll always be
While we're on life's journey make mindful
Mindful is he

Some go away, while others stay
This we don't understand
Clearly we shall see someday
His is an all wise plan
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Re: God is Still Mindful

Post by blandreb » Sun Nov 06, 2022 7:58 pm

God Is Still Mindful (Eldridge Murphy/E.M. Bartlett, 1932)

Often, so often, I wonder why
Jesus should love us so,
And upon Calvary’s cross should die,
That we might pardon know;
Often we mortals our God forget,
Even forget to pray;
Know the way is by snares beset,
Close by His side we’ll stay.

God is still mindful of us each hour,
Watching us from above,
Keeping us all safe in the arms of love;
Guarded by angels we’ll always be
While we life’s journey make;
Jesus will not one of His own forsake.

Though we are weak He will lend us aid
If we His will would do;
We should be trusting and unafraid,
For He will see us through;
Every foe shall be overthrown,
If in His name we go;
Since He is mindful of all His own,
Victory we shall know.

Some go away while the others stay,
This we don’t understand;
But we shall clearly see some glad day
His is an all-wise plan;
When we are safe on the other shore,
In the sweet bye and bye;
Singing with angels forevermore,
Praises to God most High.
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