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Hymn Search

Post by pastorart » Mon Aug 15, 2022 12:36 pm

Does anyone know the name of the hymn that has the words "I will not die, I will be transformed" in the chorus? I heard it for the first time yesterday but could not figure out what the title was. Can anyone help me? ;)
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Re: Hymn Search

Post by pastorart » Sun Aug 28, 2022 7:20 pm

Here is that song that I request the lyrics for:

I'll Never Die Just Be Promoted

According to the sign from heaven,
On the earth, the land and sea;
The church will soon be translated
On to heaven's jubilee.

I'll never die, just be promoted
To that land beyond the sky;
When Jesus comes to claim His jewels
This old world, I'll bid good-bye.

We'll just hold on a few more hours
That old trumpet we will hear;
The dead in Christ we'll soon be joining
We'll go sailing through the air.

We can all sit down at the marriage supper
And be served of God's own son;
And then we'll get to look on heaven
When we hear Him say "well done".
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