Looking for the origin, author, etc. of two songs

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Looking for the origin, author, etc. of two songs

Post by David King » Mon Oct 24, 2022 10:56 am

Looking for the source, author, etc. of two songs because compiling a songbook of songs the old people sang in the 1960s in the Smoky Mountains. Songs they sang from memory in the days before they had hymnals in church and many of the mountain people were illiterate. Have yet to find any info at all on two of the songs, not on any website about songs or in any of the many songbooks searched. The old people were all dead before we realized seemingly no one else knows these two songs. Did the old people have two songs that are yet to be published, unknown to anyone but them, or can someone give me info on these two songs:

The first verse of the one which the old people titled "He Can Hold All the Waters": He can hold all the waters in the palm of His hand, palm of His hand, palm of His hand. He can hold all the waters in the palm of His hand. What a wonderful, wonderful God. Other verses, which all have repeats as in the above first verse and end with what a wonderful, wonderful God are: He gave Daniel the power to sleep with the lions. He gave Peter the power to walk on the sea. Gave Elijah the power to bring down the fire. He gave Jesus the power to raise up the dead.

The other song they called "Heaven's Roll Call." Names of people present were called in the song. It has a refrain "We just got to heaven, to heaven, to heaven. We just got to heaven to answer our call." Then, for example, Mary. someone sang chant-like and solo "sister Mary, are you here to answer your call?" All sang the reply, "Yes she's here to answer her call." Then, the refrain was repeated, and another name called.

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