When my feet touch down at home

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When my feet touch down at home

Post by Jamoy » Wed Feb 15, 2023 2:43 am

When my feet touch down in glory

verse 1
I just passed through the valley where the bottle was raging high I saw the wounded soldiers and I had a lot of money for cry but it won't be long till I joined the Tron just behind the Gates over the hill is my last mile home now I'm going to celebrate

When my feet touch down in glory I'm going to sing a brand new song don't talk about it I'm going to shout it walking on the street of gold I don't want to see a blue song cause my heart is singing a new song I don't want to sing a blue song when my feet touch down at home

verse 2
I caught a glimpse of glory and I'm getting ready to go I can't afford to get adjusted in this troublesome world below I fight a good fight I keep the faith now I'm heaven bound gold and silver couldn't buy my journey when my feet start touching down.

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