This table lists the 37 hymns for which we have no information on composer, lyrics, etc. Please click on the hymns and see if they're familiar to you. Press the Back button to return to this page after you've listened to the hymn. The hymns are presented with an introductory line, and then repeat for the number of stanzas in the original hymnal.

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Reference Number Possible topic of lyric Incipit MIDI File Name that Hymn!
002 Praising God 333135553 002.mid Found! ("Where, Oh Where Are the Hebrew Children?")
010 Glory to Jesus 5112312165 010.mid I found it!
011 Rejoicing with Christ 12333432135 011.mid Found!
"I Am Happy, O So Happy ".
022 Spiritual attributes (e.g., fountain, weapons, mirror) [Possible Clue: the tune name may be TUNG'CHOU, and the lyrics may include the phrase "I Have a Garden Fair" 555432666543 022.mid I found it!
025 Psalms 19:7-10 53517653 025.mid I found it!
046 Jesus heals our sight..."I was blind but now I see" 5132434565 046.mid I found it!
054 Deliverance from darkness into light 11612223213555 054.mid I found it!
055 Freedom in Christ 51113211615 055.mid I found it!
060 Walking on the heavenly road 12333212671 060.mid I found it!
066 Waiting for the Lord 3332146522234312 066.mid I found it!
071 Loving Jesus's name 556655513322 071.mid Found! ("Mary's Song") - Thanks Cathy G and Masato S!
094 Thanking the Father, the only True God. 651534555 094.mid I found it!
106 Being disciples of Jesus, who redeems us. 32121561165 106.mid I found it!

Following Jesus
[The tune is "Follow On [Cushing/Lowry], but for this particular find, I need lyrics for a hymn that repeats the refrain three times, with different lyrics for each repetition]

35321121665 107.mid I found it! (note: see note at left before e-mailing)
117 Offering 3321767367 117.mid I found it!
125 A parting hymn 32111235321 125.mid

"Soon to Our Homes We Shall Journey".

126 Loving one another as one 3451112332 126.mid I found it!
140 The Lord understands our sorrows 5565565515 140.mid Found!
"My Heart is Resting ".
172 Being victorious and defeating the foe 55111513565 172.mid Found!
"Be An Overcomer".
174 God's church 53333432222321 174.mid

Found! "There's Music in the Air" (Thanks Cathy G and Eugene G!)

176 God leads us to victory 12333433211121 176.mid I found it!
181 Going onward 333211111665 181.mid Found! ("I'm Coming Through")
185 Pondering the land that God has prepared 33533122232 185.mid I found it!
186 Having a home in heaven 5132161515123 186.mid I found it!
195 The promised land 55515543554323453 195.mid I found it!
203 The Lily tended by God (Luke 12:27). 32#3435243 203.mid Found! ("Beautiful Lilies, White as the Snow ") 
223 The song on Mount Zion (Revelations 14:2-3) 13453561765 223.mid I found it!
230 The blessed man (Psalms 1) 12314322342543 230.mid I found it!
240 Joy when we pray and read the Word 1765356535 240.mid I found it!
245 Hymn at the end of day 3211766715 245.mid

Found! ("As Shades of Evening Fall")

252 The Spirit's infilling 12153431565432 252.mid Found! "Come to Jesus"
253 The downpour of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5) 565321765 253.mid Found! "He Has Come to Abide"

Hymn at morning
[Possible Clue: the title of this hymn may be 'This is the Day the Lord Arose
', however, I have not yet found lyrics that fit the music]

5113154353132271 260.mid Found! "This is the Day the Lord Hath Made" (thanks Cathy G!)
273 The Macedonian Call 12333332135 273.mid

"A Cry from Macedonia".

276 Invitation to hear the gospel 511123523165 276.mid I found it!
287 Labor for Jesus 1515171231 287.mid Found!
"Toiling for Jesus " (donation sent to Jesus for Asia) - Thanks Erik M!

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