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This site began as a site reaching out to the Internet community to help me find "lost" hymn lyrics for a hymnal I was editing.

But something interesting happened. After I launched the site, I noticed that people started to write in, asking for help locating hymn lyrics that they were searching for. In many cases, the hymn lyrics they were seeking were to a song that was very near and dear to their or a loved one's heart. In many cases, I was able to help track down the hymns. Needless to say, it was a very rewarding experience.

So, I thought I might convert this site as one devoted to anyone who might be searching for hymns and hymn lyrics. Here are the sections of the site:

Hymn Lyrics Search Forum

Searching for a hymn? Post your request in the Hymn Lyrics Search Forum. I'll try my best to respond to your request, and if I can't, hopefully a fellow traveler on the Information Superhighway can.

Include in your request as much information as you know of the hymn -- any lyrics you remember (even sporadic words or phrases), the melody, a possible title, where and when you remember singing it, etc. The more clues you provide, the better the chances of someone finding it.

The Name That Hymn Search Engine

You can start your search here. This is a search engine for this site, built on top of Google technology, that searches for your lyrics on some of the more popular hymn lyrics sites on the Internet.

Classic Christian Hymns

This is a section of the site dedicated to providing lyrics, sheet music, audio files, guitar chords, hymn stories, scripture references, videos, and references to classic Christian hymns that have stood the test of time.

Favorite Hymns

This is the list of the 25 hymns and praise songs that are most often searched for on this site. Links are provided to the discussion forum, where you can read the discussion on each song. There's also a link to download the song from iTunes.

Hymn Blog

This is a blog of devotionals that were inspired by favorite hymns. Each contains a PDF and MIDI file of the hymn. I hope these are a blessing to someone out there. (For the time being, this is updated very sporadically :))

Tips on Searching for Hymns

Over the years, I've found many helpful hints and tips to help in hymn searches. This is a list of "secrets" I've found over the years that may help you in your search, as well as links to sites I've found particularly helpful.

Support this site

This site is provided and will always be provided as a free service, for the glory of God and the benefit of as many out there as possible. However, if you do find this site useful, there are several ways you can show your support. Click to this section to find out more.

The Original Name That Hymn Site

These was the original site I put up requesting assistance for my own hymnal project. If there are experts out there in Gospel hymns that may have circulated in Asia in the early-to-mid 20th century, I could still use your help with the original search!

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