Favorite Hymn Requests


While there are plenty of sites out there that have lots of information on hymn lyrics, this site will aim to be a little different. Instead of trying to cover every hymn in existence, we're going to try to focus only on the most popular traditional gospel hymns and classic Christian hymns that have been favorites for generations. We hope to provide you not just the basics about each hymn, from lyrics to the sheet music to videos of performances. We also hope that, if any of these hymns have impacted your life, that you share your story using the comments box underneath the hymn lyrics.



Request Your Favorite Hymns

If you have a favorite hymn that you don't see on this site (and since this site is in its nascent stages, there will be a lot of them), please feel free to ask for it by typing your request into the comments box below. If you see that someone else has already asked for a hymn you're looking for, just click "Like" on their comment to help bring it to the forefront.


I should say upfront that I likely won't be able to post music to contemporary Christian songs nor hymns written in the latter part of the 20th century, as those will likely be under copyright protection. For that music, I'd suggest checking out MusicNotes icon.