come down lyrics by josh bowman

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come down lyrics by josh bowman

Post by Guest » Wed May 09, 2018 3:35 pm

goes like we need you jesus ,oh jesus come down but heres the song from youtube i can't find the words no wheres but would appreicate it if anyone has it
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Re: come down lyrics by josh bowman

Post by songinmyheart » Thu May 31, 2018 11:06 pm

Hi Guest,

I have tried on several occasions to decipher this with unsatisfactory results
but I'll post what I think I heard with question marks where I couldn't guess

Come Down

Oh here we are to worship. Here we are to praise
We are the people prophesied living in the final days
Don’t look to the left. Don't look to the right. Don’t even look behind
Look up to Jesus. He’ll come down in holiness divine

Oh come down. Oh come down. Make your presence known
The rain that falls. The wind that blows. Fire from Heaven light my soul.
Fan the flame of the Holy Ghost
Visitation of Divine. Burn my heart and change my mind
We need You Jesus. Whoa Jesus come down

See we don’t need performin’ and we don’t need a show
I believe that we still need a move by the Holy Ghost
We’ll the ? poured down on us and the power of God
A visitation from The Lord is glory from on high

There’s just one more move a comin’. Just you wait and see
He’ll pour out His Spirit on all flesh. For those who still believe
There’s a people who still want it The Bible ?
But if you want it for yourself, let me tell you how
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