The Blood covers it all The Greenes

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The Blood covers it all The Greenes

Post by ladypup » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:08 am

I'm trying to find the sheet music for this song. It's sung by the Greenes. Thanks for any help you can give

The Blood Covers it all
have you ever tried to measure just one sin
seeking forgiveness when your heart knows within
our god will not judge us by how big or how small
he looks for calvary's precious blood to cover it all

o the blood, the blood, it covered it all
love has no boundaries sins debt paid in full
jesus knew in the beginning that man would surely fall
i'm glad my savior's precious blood covered it all

try to imagine how this miracle took place
love beyond measure our god's amazing grace
sometimes when we're weary we might stumble and fall
but just one drop of his precious blood it covered it all

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