Jesus Is The Man - The Pell Brothers (The Georgia Boys)

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Jesus Is The Man - The Pell Brothers (The Georgia Boys)

Post by Guest222 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:14 am

Hi I have been trying to figure the lyrics to this song for a while now...Nancy helped me out big time and I was wondering could someone try to help me figure out the rest?
I stopped at 1:55 and all the question marks are things I can't quite figure out. But this is what we got so far. Thank you in advance God bless!

Well Jesus is the man.
Yes Jesus is the man
He made the desert sand
and He caused the blind to see again
He gave me joy deep within
He freed my soul from sin

Well He talked to the people long ago
He's called to face the high and low
He helped them up when they were low
He made me happy this I know
I believe the Bible and it’s so
I take it with me wherever I go

When He made the earth He split the mine
He turned the water into wine
He gave the sight back to the blind
so they could see all the time
Well He is good and He is mine
He’ll be with me ’til the end of time

Well He made me glad when I was sad
And He loved me then when I was bad
He loved me before I became a man
He loved pa and He loved my dad
He’s the best friend that I ever had
He dwelt in the land with a man named Gad

Well He talks to the little girls and boys
He fills their hearts with lots of joy
He shows them a way to a brighter day
He called them out ?
He had compassion along the way
To the brokenhearted and the gray

Well he made the night and he made the day
He told the prophets what to say
Here's some people that he sent
He was with them wherever they went
He brought them up out of Egypt's land
To the river north of the burning sand

There was Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Simon, Judah, ?, Adam and Eve
They were the first they committed sin ???
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