Hymn Search: Help! It's Alright

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Hymn Search: Help! It's Alright

Post by heprotectsme » Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:32 am

So this may be a long shot. The choir director/pianist at my church taught us a beautiful song that has been sung at every funeral that he has led the music for since I was a child (around 92).

At one point we were convinced he made it up because we were never able to find it online. Only last summer did he tell us that it most certainly isn't made up, but that we'll never find it on the internet. I'm hoping someone here can help change that!

The lyrics are something like this:
It's alright
It's alright
God made me a promise when he said in His word
It's alright
If your money takes wings and fly
You can't pay your bills and you're wondering why
Don't worry
It's gonna be alright
If your family thinks you're strange
*something something something*
*something something something*
When death comes knocking at your door
To carry away yet one more
Still don't you worry it's gonna be alright
The Lord promised to see about me
When I was bound He set me free
When I was down He picked me up
When I was empty He filled my cup
He walks with me, talks with me, lives with me, loves me
He's right there all the time

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