Hit's Melody

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Hit's Melody

Post by Tubby@gmail.com » Wed Feb 17, 2021 2:29 pm

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Re: Hit's Melody

Post by songinmyheart » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:14 pm

Hi Austin,
Here you go -

On that Resurrection Morning when the redeemed are gathering in
I’ll be in that ? Number when they call my name
When they all join in and sing Hallelujah to The King
I’ll cry with a joyful sound Lord here I am

Here I am . Here I am.
I’m the one the shepherd left the fold and found
There were ninety and nine but He left the. Fold to find
One little lost lamb and here I am

Lord here I am again. I’m down on my knees in prayer
And Lord You have promised me You will always meet me there
Now there’s a mountain up ahead that I can’t seem to climb
But I’m praying for the strength to try it one more time

Lord don’t move that mountain, just give me strength to climb
For if You should move each mountain I might grow weaker every time
And just like Your son Jesus took the cross up Calvary’s hill
Lord don’t move that mountain so I may better do Your will
Lord don’t move that mountain so I may better do Your will

Heavenly sunrise, one glorious morning
When our Lord takes us Home
What a great celebration. One like we’ve never known

There's a land where milk and honey flow
From Heaven's throne to the world below
Calvary's fountain will reach your barren soul
There's a land where milk and honey flow

Prayers of a Christian can pull men through
When he's facing this world that’s untrue,
So if you want to help someone gain victory,
Well don't forget when you pray to make mention of me.

If I had one request that I knew you could fulfill
Here's what my longing would be,
Every morning and evening and ? sometime in between,
Friend would you please mention me.
Mention me

Would you mention my name everyday when you pray
Would you mention my name when you pray
Would you stand with me when you’re down on your knees
When you’re talking to Jesus would you mention me

From disgrace to His grace, I’m a child of the King
When I met the Savior He changed everything
I’m no longer a bigger, all Heaven is mine
From disgrace to amazing grace
From disgrace to His grace - forgiveness divine

He had mercy, pure mercy on a prisoner condemned to die
He had mercy, pure mercyI had no pardon in sight
But then Jesus passed by
He had mercy on a sinner a such as I.
He had mercy on a sinner a such as I.

He’s the Alpha and Omega, the begging and the end
He’s still the same as He was back then
Oh just like He raised the dead and He caused the blind to see
He’ll work miracles if you’ll just believe
He said I am the Bread of Life; you will never grow hungry
I am the Water; drink you’ll never thirst again
I am your Father, child I know you by name
I Am and I’ll never change.

I go to the Rock,
I go to the blessed Rock of Ages
I go to the Rock
I go to the Rock of Ages for my every need
When I'm discouraged, When I am sad
I go to the Rock He makes me glad
I go to the Rock of ages for my every need
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