"Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings" -writer: Marcia Henry

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"Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings" -writer: Marcia Henry

Post by Praising_Jesus » Thu May 06, 2021 11:51 pm

Hi, I would love the words of this song, which Marcia Henry wrote

Here is a video
"Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings" - Songwriter: Marcia Henry
Sung by Cedar Ridge (1988)


I notice at this site, there is another request for this song, however the lyrics is different from the video.

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Re: "Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings" -writer: Marcia Henry

Post by steveliu » Thu May 20, 2021 1:42 am

Here's the best I could do--I put question marks where I wasn't sure.

On that day of great awakening, the skeptic will stand still
As the book of life is opened and the redeemed its pages fill
Those who cursed him will be speechless in that final reckoning hour
No more arguments to offer to deny God and his power

And when they crown him Lord of Lords and King of Kings,
I will be in the mighty chorus;
I will lift my voice to sing.
When every knee bows low and we confess his majesty,
I will shout the name of Jesus,
Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

His coming is nearer than when we first believed,
And all of heaven s waiting the bride to receive.
Earthly trials? will seem as nothing as we behold his face;
Our greatest joy will be to thank him for his sacrifice of grace.

In the tongue of every language our voices we will raise
to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and worthy of our praise

Chorus x2
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