I am looking for the song I nee no mansion here below

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I am looking for the song I nee no mansion here below

Post by Guest » Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:17 pm

My Amish neighbor sang it for me. on my sick bed I need no mansion here below
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I am looking for the song I nee no mansion here below

Post by msbubrry » Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:32 am

I hope this is the song lyrics that you're looking for and just incase you're interested, this song was written by C. S. Grogan in 1953.
God Bless!

I Need No Mansion Here Below

Verse: 1
When burdens come so hard to bear, that no earthly friend can share,
tears drive away the smiles and leaves my heart in pain,
then my Lord from heaven above, speaks to me in tones of love,
wipes the tears away and makes me smile again.

I need no mansion here below, for Jesus said that I could go,
to a home beyond the clouds not made with hands,
won't you come and go along, we will sing the sweetest song,
ever played upon the harps in glory land.

Verse: 2
Oh the thought to me is sweet, that my loved ones I will meet,
at the ending of my journey here below, seems I hear their voices blend,
in a world without an end, I won't worry when the time shall come to go.

Verse: 3
When Jesus comes to claim his own, I will move to my new home,
I'll walk and talk with him upon the streets of gold,
a mansion there is waiting me, soon it's beauty I will see,
in that city where we never shall grow old.

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