Some Skateboards cleaning tips you should know

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Some Skateboards cleaning tips you should know

Post by LindaPeterson » Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:52 pm

Skateboarding is an interesting sport in which a board stuck with wheels on the underside. You mostly use your foot to control and move the board. During the time you play, your skateboard directly contacts the ground.

That means it easily gets dirty after every use. For the best skateboarding experience, you should clean your skateboard to keep it always in good condition. Parents who have kids playing skateboards should either clean the board for them instead or guide them to do. By the way, if your kid’s skateboards are old, and you want to buy them new ones, then here are the best skateboard for kids to learn on

When it comes to cleaning a skateboard. You need to consider its two main parts which are the trucks and bearings. Dirt on the deck is easier to wash, and it does not have much effect on your riding experience. However, with dirty trucks and bearing, it is truly a big problem as the dirt may make your skateboard moves slowly or hard to control.

In fact, you don’t need to lean your skateboard regularly. You just need to wash it when you see it works unusually. It is the dirt accumulated inside the bearings that makes your skateboarding isn’t smooth. So, keep in mind this and wash your skateboard when it needs you.


Now let start the cleaning process. Somethings you need to prepare to clean the bearings are: containing cups, lubricants such as WD-40, clean rags or paper towels, skateboard speed cream, and of course your dirty bearings. To avoid you getting grease smell, you should do this cleaning outside.

Step 1: disassemble your bearings from your board. Spin the bearings until it becomes loose and you can rake them apart.

Step 2: clean the bearings. Place the bearings on two layers of towel papers. Then pour a sufficient amount of lubricant( enough for 8 bearings) into the cup. Remember that all the cleaning tools from cups to towel paper must not be styrofoam. Put the bearings into the cup and leave it soaked for an hour.

After half of the hour, turn back and swirl the bearings. If the liquid turns black, then remove it and pour the fresh lubricant into the cup again. WD-40 is my favorite lubricant because it can help to remove the old lubricant from the last cleaning and just a thin film left behind. Repeat this task until the WD-40 is clear.

Pour off the liquid and pour the bearings onto the prepared paper towel. Use another clean towel to pick the bearings up and wipe them off. Make sure all the little crevices are wiped too. Fling off any excess lubricant to make sure it can not spew over your wheels. You can do the same if your skateboard is a cruiser type. If you want to buy a skateboard for cruising purposes, you can refer to this best mini cruiser skateboards.

Finally, drop some Bones Speed Cream or Teflon onto each bearing, then spin them to remove the excess amount. Once you have done the last bearings, you have done leaning your bearings.

Trucks cleaning

Cleaning the trucks is, in my opinion, easier than cleaning bearings. First, remove the nut from the kingpin. Then take the hanger out of the baseplate and take out the bushings.

Use the WD-40 again to spray on a paper towel and brush away any grime. This can help your trucks stop squeaking. Don’t forget to wipe the axel as well because this part usually gets dirty.

Alright, the leaning is done. Now reassemble your skateboard and start doing tricks. Be careful though, as the skateboard may roll faster after maintaining. Try to push up slightly and slowly so the skateboard can return to normal, then you can continue to skate faster. Enjoy!

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Re: No Measure of Time

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Hi Linda

We have these lyrics in our archives:

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