Writer of song-"His Voice makes the difference"

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Rusty Dyson
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Writer of song-"His Voice makes the difference"

Post by Rusty Dyson » Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:16 am

To all that are interested in this song, "His Voice makes the difference":

It was written by my aunt, a woman pastor in West Frankfort IL, named Toedy Holley Gray. She has written hundreds of songs of like quality, many of them sang by great gospel singers of our time..
Married for many years to my uncle, Clinton Holley, who was also a pastor, after his passing, she later married a former Congressman, Kenny Gray, the Senator from Illinois.

I know this song was pitched to Jimmy Swaggart, and I believe he recorded it at some point.

She also wrote songs like, "Everything will be just right in heaven", "Just cry Jesus", "I hope we walk the last mile together", "Jesus is in this place", "Just enough grace to stand", "It's a new day" and many, many other great songs.

What a talented lady with talented daughters, Marble (now deceased) and Candy.

She will probably never get the awesome recognition that she so richly deserves in this life but on the other side I believe she will be celebrated for the many lives she touched with her music.

Rusty Dyson [email]Rustydyson@me.com[/email]

Re: Writer of song-"His Voice makes the difference"

Post by Kayburns » Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:05 pm

Where can I get sheet music for His Voice Makes a Difference?
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