Please help

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Please help

Post by Msmollie85 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:32 pm

I really want the words to a couple of songs. I know some some words but not all. The first one is Rapture Ready by The Mcfalls. I know the chorus and first verse but cant remember the second verse.

I'm rapture ready, for a meeting in the air.
I'm rapture ready, there's nothing gonna hinder me from going there.
The devil tries to hold me down but I'm not gonna let him
I'm waiting for the trumpet to sound I'm rapture ready
Verse 1:
This old world we're traveling is just a dressing room
With excitement and anticipation like a bride waiting for her groom
Family and friends amd special guests are invited to the wedding
The Church of the living God is getting rapture ready

At least i think thats right.

The second one I'm not sure what the name is but the chorus is:
Hes still in the healing business
He can still make the blind see
My God He still listens
And Hes more than just history
Hes the same God that He was back then
If you ask Him He'll do it again
When it comes to the healing power of Jesus name
Some things never change

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