The Ballad of Watchman Nee

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The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by Guest » Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:08 pm

Does anyone have the lyrics to this song. I have been looking for it for some time.
Could you post it.

The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by Guest » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:35 am

The Ballad of the Watchman

Throughout the land today, there are, men who've heard their call
They are our faithful Ministers, God's watchmen on the wall
There is a special crown for them ,in heaven so I'm told
God Bless these faithful ministers, that are watching for our souls
Watch man......Watchman...

I see an ancient city surrounded by a wall
And as the night approachs, I hear a Watchman call
To all God fearing citizens...Let each heart pray for me..
.It seems there's been a rumor, an approaching enemy


Watchman, Watchman, tell me what you see
Will there be safety, for each family
We're counting on you Watchman please don't let us down
Wake us from our slumber if danger comes around

Through out the night he watches...he never sleeps at all
He feels responsibility, this Watchman on the wall
And when the night is long and dark, it seems I hear a prayer
O God above look down in love...keep us in your care

At last the morning has arrived, in every heart there's joy
Our friend has done his duty, our city's not destroyed
How can we show our gratitude, for what the Watchman's done
He stayed on guard so we'd have peace, till the mornings come


Watch man, Watchman tell me what you see
Will there be safety for each family
We're counting on you Watchman, please don't let us down
Wake us from our slumber. if danger comes around

The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by Guest » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:38 am

It took me hours to write down the lyrics to this song.

The Hemphills are the ones that recorded this song that I have...
What a beautiful song...hope this helps you...God Bless

The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:36 pm

Thank you so much, You will never know how much I appreciate it!!!

The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by Guest » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:02 pm

As do I... searched for years for this song... Finally typed in the right thing and found it here.
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Re: The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by yseppo2 » Tue Aug 18, 2020 3:32 am

The Ballad of Watchman Nee was a song sung in 1975 by Jimmy Miller:

There once was a man named Watchmen Nee, a Chinese brother by birth.
He lived his life to honor God; he was known throughout the world.
When China fell into communist hands they put him in a cell,
all because he loved our God and he sought good news to tell.

His wife she waited in poverty, afraid and all alone.
She offered up her prayers each day for God to bring him home.
But our brother he wasn't coming back for reasons we all know.
He was a danger to their cause; they would not let him go.

Hush, Lady Watchman, don't you cry, you know he'll never die.
He'll just walk into the arms of Jesus.
And though it hurts to see him go, Lady Watchman, you must know,
he was born to die the Watchman of the Lord.

The prison guards would gather round, and listen to him speak.
How sweet his humble voice would sound, so gentle and so meek.
And many of them secretly turned their hearts to the Lord.
But the Commies said, "We'll have to put him away before he wins over all of the guards."

So they put him away in solitary, in darkness and alone.
They gave him just one bowl of rice a day to reduce him to skin and bones.
But the Christians they began to pray all throughout the land,
And our brother he started gaining weight 'cause God came through again.


Watchman, he started writing sermons and he signed them with his name.
He smuggled them out into the world through the guards that he'd led to the faith.
And the Christians all throughout the land waited patiently.
Every day for the latest word from their brother Watchman Nee.

But then one day his letters ceased, and the Watchman disappeared.
Some say they tortured him to death, but how he died is a mystery.
But we know he lived a martyr's life and the marks of the Cross he bore.
And he walked into the arms of Jesus, now he lives forever more.


I don't know if this link will work, but I hope it will take you to a video of the song being performed by another person:

Re: The Ballad of Watchman Nee

Post by NTC » Sat Jul 03, 2021 5:20 am

This hymn is all the more poignant 46 years later. China supposedly "opened up" in the 1990s, but the Chinese Communist Party remains as evil as they were when they murdered 50 million of their own people through executions, torture, and mass starvation.

The only difference between now and 1975 is that most Americans don't care anymore that Christians, Muslims, and Falun Gong are still being rounded up and being "disappeared", as long as we can buy our cheap cell phones and socks from Amazon and Walmart. And worse, our politicians are (literally) in bed with the CCP.

I hope more people can wake up and buy products not made in China.

Sorry for the commentary, I know this is a hymn board, but on this 100th anniversary of the godless Communist party and the increasingly clueless American public, I hope more people can wake up.
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