My God still Moves

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My God still Moves

Post by Guest » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:29 pm

I cant find the lyrics to this song. I believe the Cooke Brothers sing it. THe last line of the chorus says something like "God works wonders, My God Still Moves."
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My God still Moves

Post by songinmyheart » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:47 pm

I found this going back to our 2009 Archives: ... pic&t=6208 

I was once on the bottom of a barrel in life;
My heart filled with darkness, my soul filled with strife.
But then I met the master, he made all my wrongs right
He gave me a new barrel That will never run dry.

If you find yourself searching wondering which way to go
Don't take a genius or professor to know
There's a big God in heaven who knows all your needs
If you'll but just ask him, whoa I know, that he'll set you free

When your body needs healing, and you are put to the test
I don't know a family doctor Lord knows, I can recommend the best
He knows every detail, of that old body you are in
He can lift your higher, than you've ever been.

My God still moves, He's no statue of stone;
My God still delivers and He's still on His throne.
when I get discouraged, I just call on his name
My God still moves and he's forever the same
Julie Mustard

Re: My God still Moves

Post by Julie Mustard » Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:34 pm

My God Still Moves was written by Shane Roark
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