Review of God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers

God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers is another in a series of books by Hannah C. Hall. Other books have included God Bless My Friends, God Bless our Christmas, God Bless My School, and God Bless My Boo Boo.

The book contains ten “bedtime prayers” that span all kinds of different situations—a prayer asking for God to be with me, a prayer to help me show my love to others, a prayer to say sorry for not sharing, a prayer for protection when I’m scared, a prayer for healing when I’m sick, a prayer to thank God for good things, a prayer for peace, a prayer to help find a lost toy, a prayer to say thanks for fun times with Mom, and a prayer to tell God I love you before you go to sleep.

Each prayer is about four sentences long. I love that each includes a relevant bible verse at the end, which is great for older children just learning how to flip the Bible. For younger kids, the illustrations have a lot of little details that your little ones will love exploring.

As with those other titles, this one features illustrations of animals by Steve Whitlow. His drawing style is cute and playful without being saccharine. Each page has a different pair of animal parents and kids—giraffes, cats, hedgehogs, gorilla, squirrels, raccoons, wolves, bunnies, bears, and deer.

Overall, my daughter and I enjoyed the book. I’m a parent who tries to say a goodnight prayer every night with my daughter, and I welcomed this book in giving me ideas for things to pray for with her. The rhymes are pretty and natural, and the Bible verse helps remind me of some of the deep truths that I need to reinforce in myself so I can pass them on to her.